Fair Pay Agreements not that fair

In Wellington it’s termed the “Friday dump”, when the Government puts out a press release it doesn’t want too much media attention on. Friday is a bit of an outlier in the media cycle, even in this time of 24-7 news online. Last Friday (7 May), the Government put out such a press release, announcing one … Read More

Rail plan robs Peter to pay Paul

The Government’s new plan to fund rail from the money we pay for roads is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Yesterday, with much fanfare, the Government released The New Zealand Rail Plan. The original plan was to release the document in August 2020, according to the Cabinet paper released with it, and: “The Rail Plan … Read More

Team work makes the dream work

Collaboration is a bit of a buzz word, bandied around all too frequently. But I want to tell you a story about genuine collaboration between our industry and government. Yesterday, we launched our Te ara ki tua Road to success industry traineeship in Auckland. We were fortunate to be joined by Social Development and Employment … Read More

Time to ditch emergency powers and get back to normal

This week, the Road Transport Forum (RTF) appeared before a Parliamentary Select Committee to talk about immigration. The Government wants to extend for another two years its emergency immigration law – the Immigration (Covid-19 Response) Amendment Bill – put in place in May 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic for one year. There … Read More

Covid system flaws need to be fixed without a blame game

Each day seems to bring more confusion about New Zealand’s roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine, and the safety of our border given the lack of tracking of testing and vaccination for border workers. We can be forgiven for thinking it’s all being made up on the fly. As the biggest vaccination programme ever undertaken … Read More

Information about Covid-19

Regularly updated information about the situation for road freight transport operators and truck drivers is available on our Covid-19 page here. Click the Information on Covid-19 tab above.

Road to success

Health & Safety

For advice and guidance on how to work safely on and around trucks... Read More

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