Covid system flaws need to be fixed without a blame game

Each day seems to bring more confusion about New Zealand’s roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine, and the safety of our border given the lack of tracking of testing and vaccination for border workers. We can be forgiven for thinking it’s all being made up on the fly. As the biggest vaccination programme ever undertaken … Read More

Slow driving not the safety solution

Truck drivers see it all out on the road every day. They see things they can prevent with quick action, or help with if they get there on time, but they also arrive first at accident scenes that leaving scarring memories. Driving in New Zealand is a dangerous pastime, as last weekend’s Easter road toll … Read More

It’s time for realism in the climate change response

The Road Transport Forum wants to inject some realism into the climate change debate with our response to the He Pou a Rangi, Climate Change Commission (CCC) 2021 draft advice for consultation. We are in agreement with the broad mandate of the CCC, and our industry is committed to the decarbonisation journey that New Zealand must … Read More

Animal welfare front of mind for trucking industry

Live animals trapped in a truck for six hours in Auckland’s summer heat is not acceptable in anyone’s view. Sadly, this is what happened in the most recent Covid-19 Level 3 lockdown when the road border crossing could only be described as a shemozzle. This highlighted a number of things for the Road Transport Forum … Read More

Information about Covid-19

Regularly updated information about the situation for road freight transport operators and truck drivers is available on our Covid-19 page here. Click the Information on Covid-19 tab above.

Road to success

Health & Safety

For advice and guidance on how to work safely on and around trucks... Read More

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