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Stuff (16-01-21): Where are the worst highways in New Zealand?

Newshub (16-01-21): Trucking industry desperately short of drivers

RNZ (11-01-21): Driver behaviour targeted to reduce New Zealand road toll

Stuff (10-12-20): Why State Highway 1 between Auckland and Whangarei could be clogged with trucks from Friday

RNZ (10-12-20): Surge of container trucks expected after ship diverts to Northport

RNZ Morning Report (10-12-20): Truck convoys picking up Auckland cargo unloaded in Whangarei

Newsroom (07-12-20): How can trucking ditch fossil fuels?

Newshub (06-12-20): Safety, cost concerns after Christmas cargo ship diverted from Auckland to Northport

RNZ Checkpoint (04-12-20): Auckland port delays see big freight ship diverted to Northport

NZ Herald (04-12-20): Import costs soar as global supply chain buckles under strain

BusinessDesk (16-11-20): Looming global container shortage a threat to NZ trade

One News (10-10-20): Concerns over drug-driving as trucking industry worried about cannabis legalisation

One News (22-09-20): Fears nation’s economy at risk due to Auckland Harbour Bridge transport disruption

RNZ (08-09-20): Truckers demand billion dollar spend to fix ‘dilapidated’ roads

NZ Trucking (14-08-20): Nick Leggett speaks about current issues

Newshub (13-08-20): Truckies want fast lanes in and out of Auckland to keep supply chains in tact

RNZ (04-08-20): Government accused of ignoring dangerous Napier to Taupō highway

Newsroom (07-07-20): ‘Waiting on the world’ for infrastructure workers

Insurance Business NZ (04-07-20): Legal cannabis could lead to higher premiums, says truckers’ group

RNZ Nine to Noon (16-06-20): Deluge of potential apprentices seeking free trades training

Rural News (12-06-20): Tag animals before they get on trucks

RNZ Nine to Noon (19-05-20): Transmission Gully. Forgotten Highway?

One News (17-05-20): National call for halt to latest petrol tax

NewstalkZB, Drive (04-05-20): Concerns Transmission Gully could be delayed by two years

Stuff (30-04-20): Call for ‘stalled’ road safety projects to be brought forward as New Zealand moves out of coronavirus lockdown

Stuff (22-04-20): Electrified Timaru to Christchurch rail system pushed by Greens

Stuff (17-04-20): Third U-turn gives firms green light to chip away at backlog of imported goods

Newsroom (08-04-20): Businesses urge clarity on lockdown

NZ Herald (07-04-20): Comment – Free up freight to keep the economy moving

Stuff (05-04-20): Shortage of shipping containers could hurt exports

RNZ Midday Report (25-03-20): Truckies exempt from lockdown

RNZ Morning Report (24-03-20): Coronavirus: Essential industries to carry on

Stuff (24-03-20): Truckers call on Govt to provide more clarity on what’s an essential delivery

NZ Herald, (24-03-20): Truckies promise to deliver the goods

RNZ Nights, (23-03-20): One for the road – Ian ‘Belly’ McQueen

RNZ Morning Report (06-03-20): Covid-19: Builders worried impact will continue all year

RNZ Nights (24-02-20): One for the road – Ange Butler

RNZ news (10-02-20): Research into work-related deaths involving vehicles overdue, say advocates

RNZ Nights (03-02-20): One for the road

RNZ Morning Report (30-01-20): Lobbyists on infrastructure spend

One News (13-12-19): Details of the Government’s new rail plan revealed

NewstalkZB (12-12-19): Nick Leggett: Road developments should be prioritised with transport funding

RNZ (12-12-19): Trucking lobby calls for more roading investment

RNZ (9-12-19): Road transport group blames lack of spending on roads after weather causes damage

Stuff (5-12-19): Industrial area plagued by poor intersections

Stuff (30-11-19): Rogue truckies to be targeted by $72m nationwide safety sting

One News (25-11-19): National joins Horowhenua locals’ call for four lane Otaki to Levin Highway

Newsroom (22-11-19): Jones calls Port CEO ‘cowardly renegade’

Stuff (21-11-19): Auckland Port move criticised in two reviews

Stuff (10-11-19): Backlash against plan to lower speed limits across New Zealand highways

NZ Herald (4-11-19): Spate of cycle, motorcycle deaths: Overhaul trucking industry, cycling group urges

Stuff (1-11-19): Over $10 million spent on Otaki to north of Levin expressway with no construction date in sight

RNZ (23-10-19): Road Transport Forum accuses AT of sowing confusion

NewstalkZB (22-10-19): Auckland Transport approves speed limit cuts in CBD

RNZ (16-10-19): Fewe trucks get caught speeding

RNZ (10-10-19): Big bills pending for motorists, truck operators – Government

Breakfast (10-10-19): Road Transport Forum calls on NZTA to act as regulator and target those not following the rules

Stuff (9-10-19): Truckies worried transport agency safety review will bump up costs

NZ Herald (8-10-19): Transport industry not impressed with Horowhenua expressway ‘progress’

Seven Sharp (4-10-19): Former barista realises her dream of becoming forestry truck driver

One News (23-09-19): ‘Speak up’ Aussie truck driver tells Kiwi truckies in Mental Health Awareness Week

Stuff (05-09-19): Concerns raised over reduction in lanes for Manawatu Gorge replacement highway

NZ Herald (03-09-19): Horowhenua roading hole will make entire country suffer, warns Forum Chief

Stuff (30/08/19): Transport agency admits no funding available for expressway, frustrating affected residents

One News (19/07/19): Big changes ahead for New Zealand’s biosecurity system

LawNews (15/07/19): Clamour rises for roadside drug testing

RadioNZ (01/07/19): Truck driver training for single mother Benny Hone a dream come true

Stuff (27/06/19): Transport heavyweight adds voice to growing calls for roadside drug testing

Stuff (12/06/19): Bump in the road over idea cutting speed limits will save lives

TVNZ Breakfast (06/06/19): Expert argues against suggestion speed limits should be reduced on most NZ roads

NewstalkZB (05/06/19): Road industry: Slowing the speed limit will slow the economy

RadioNZ (05/06/19): Speed limits too high on most roads, NZTA estimates

NZ Herald (31/05/19): Petrol price increase: Motorists fume at another fuel tax increase from July 1

Stuff (18/5/19): Let’s think more about how to get Wellington moving

Stuff (15/5/19): Government plans public consultation on drug driver testing

Stuff (14/5/19): John Tamihere’s port policy on taxing trucks in Auckland CBD ‘random and bizarre

Stuff (10/5/19): Truckies with repeated serious safety breaches face decade long bans

Radio NZ (26/4/19): Calls for better investigations into truck-related crashes

Radio NZ (18/4/19): Mixed reaction to capital gains tax backdown

Stuff (13/4/19): Truckies ‘scared as hell’ over safety crackdown

Stuff (11/4/19): ‘Product won’t be moved’: Truck boss warns against NZTA moves

Stuff (10/4/19): Plans for Petone-Grenada highway north of Wellington pushed back a decade

Radio NZ (6/4/19): More heavy vehicles off the road after latest Transport Agency ruling

Newstalk ZB (5/4/19): 300 heavy vehicles banned from towing by NZTA

Magic Talk (25/2/19): Interview with Peter Williams on 30km/h speed limit for Auckland

BoP Times (5/2/18): Transport Minister Phil Twyford and Opposition leader Simon Bridges clash over toll fee hike…

NZ Herald (8/1/18): We must level playing field for small businesses

Stuff (21/12/18): Truckies denied compensation for safety checks as transport agency bills mount

Radio NZ (18/12/2018): Four-lane highway only fix for road safety

Newshub (11/12/18): NZTA head resigns amid review into dodgy warrants of fitness

Radio NZ (30/11/18): NZTA told of truck regulation concerns years ago – Road Transport Forum

Radio NZ (30/11/18): Truck drivers on notice over safety concerns

Radio NZ (25/11/18): Difficult and dangerous – why truck drivers are quitting

One News (15/10/18): NZTA failure to properly check companies that certify vehicles sparks urgent review

NZ Herald (10/10/18): Higher fuel costs ‘siphoning money out of consumers’ wallets’

Newstalk ZB (9/10/18): Transport industry warns cost of ‘everything’ set to rise as petrol tax hits

The AM Show (7/9/18): Government’s belief it can control petrol prices ‘political puffery’

TVNZ Breakfast (29/8/18): Auckland Regional Fuel Tax ‘a political sham’

NZ Herald (20/8/18): Who is paying Auckland’s fuel tax?

Southland Times (14/8/18): Shortage of truck drivers worries industry leaders

Newstalk ZB (14/8/18): Urgent calls to check heavy vehicles after 500 falsely certified

Radio NZ (31/7/18): Trucking industry welcomes investigation into certifiers

Stuff (6/6/18): NZTA confident expressway ruts can be fixed

Newstalk ZB (5/7/18): New highways starting to deteriorate

Stuff (22/6/18): Second tow bar engineer suspended by NZTA, spotlight on another

Radio NZ (19/6/18): Truck towbar problems: are we safe on the road?

The AM Show (1/6/18): Auckland fuel tax will affect all of NZ – vehicle lobby

Radio NZ (31/5/18): Livestock truck cleaning and effluent disposal issues on Morning Rural news

TVNZ Breakfast (22/5/18): ‘Not inconceivable’ NZ petrol prices could reach $3 per litre within six to 12 months, says transport expert

Interest.co.nz (3/5/18): Road Transport Forum’s Ken Shirley offers some ‘far better’ alternatives to the Regional Fuel Tax

Stuff (2/5/18): Transport Minister says no guarantee that cost of Auckland fuel tax won’t spread

NZ Herald (1/5/18): Fuel tax poorly thought out solution to transport costs

Radio NZ (1/5/18): Auckland fuel tax flawed – trucking industry

TVNZ Breakfast (1/5/18): Government would be ‘commercially naive’ to regulate fuel prices, industry body says

Newstalk ZB (30/4/18): The folly of a regional fuel tax

Taranaki Daily News (24/4/18): Truckies blame regulators for inadequate oversight of towbar certification

DominionPost (15/4/18): Approved, not approved: Blenheim bridge plans stall as project becomes ‘subject to funding approval’

BoP Times (13/4/18): Kaimai road tunnel sought by trucking industry

One News (4/4/18): ‘Way too high for me already’ – Proposed fuel tax increase unpopular with drivers, businesses and emergency services

One News (16/3/18): Decision made on alternative route to Manawatu Gorge – set to cost upwards of $500m

Radio Live (16/3/18): Manawatu Gorge highway replacement to open in six years

One News (28/2/18): Harmful diesel emissions in our Government’s sights as Europe moves against fuel

NZ Herald (22/2/18): Driver licence scandal: hundreds of licences chucked out after officer accepted bribes for passes

Stuff (28/1/18): Road is here to stay, and rail still has a future

The Project, TV3 (26/1/18): Truck drivers are leaving the industry in droves

Newstalk ZB (24/1/18): Fonterra’s payment system labelled ‘grossly wrong’

Sunday Star Times (31/12/17): Upheaval at NZTA resulting in ‘poor quality roading upgrades’

Newstalk ZB (20/12/17): Transport agency considering four new toll roads

Radio NZ (13/12/17): Manawatu Gorge new route choice delayed

Radio NZ (13/12/17): Trucks to stay on alternative highway after SH1 reopens

Marlborough Express (2/11/17): Poor attitude towards truck driving causing shortage, says freight body

Timaru Herald (27/10/17): Ongoing closure of State Highway 1 costs trucking industry $2.7 million a week

Radio NZ (25/10/17): Greens transport concessions rile trucking industry

Radio NZ (23/10/17): Truckies faced with alternative South Island route quitting in droves