Economic Contribution

There’s a clear and direct relationship between economic contribution and NZ trucking activity. New Zealand research shows that a 1% growth in national output requires around a 1.4% increase in transport services.

As New Zealand’s economy expands trucks will be needed to keep the country growing. The road transport industry in New Zealand has a gross annual turnover of $6 billion, and transports about 70% of New Zealand’s land-based freight measured on a tonne/kilometre basis.

Because of the vital role trucks play, changes in road transport charges have a direct impact on New Zealand’s economic performance. Road transport is particularly important to regional New Zealand and the export industries which drive these local economies. Trucks carry:

  • 95% of export fruit
  • 86% of export wool
  • 85% of export dairy products
  • 65% of export logs
  • 35% of export meat