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Driving lower greenhouse gas emissions

Before going on its extended summer break, the New Zealand Government declared a climate emergency; another crisis to add to the “to do list” for the year of delivery, when they return for 2021 from their long hiatus. As the Covid-19 crisis drags on and New Zealand seems to move further down the line for … Read More

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Border rethink required to meet skilled worker demand

Armed with the knowledge that managing Covid-19 in New Zealand is now a long-haul project, it is time for the Government to re-think its approach to the border. As possibly the last place on earth to get any kind of mass population vaccination coverage – we don’t even have a plan for that yet – … Read More

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Focus on driver behaviour to address appalling road toll

Eleven people were killed on the roads between Christmas Eve 2020 and 5 January 2021. Even on a scale of all the other things that have happened in just this second week of 2021, we should not overlook this as being deadly serious. Four people were killed in the same period the previous year. What’s … Read More

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Telling our story

I have spent much of the past week talking to media about the impacts of Northport’s decision to berth the Constantinos P and offload 1340 containers bound for Auckland and further south. Every story has two sides and my role is to ensure our industry is heard. There are two parts to this particular action … Read More

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Transmission Gully an impressive asset

This week, myself and Road Transport Forum board member and road freight transport business owner Deborah O’Brien toured the famous Transmission Gully build. We weren’t disappointed. This road will enhance travel into and out of the Wellington region with a 27 kilometre motorway from Mackays Crossing to Linden that will be a key part of … Read More

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Crying wolf on emergencies

With the worldwide spread of Covid-19, 2020 has been a tough year in all ways, including psychologically. When Governments and international organisations are throwing around the word emergency and indicating mass deaths around the world, citizens start to panic. Is there an emergency response plan? Are we going to be OK? What do we need … Read More

Truck drivers keeping your Christmas merry

As you plan for a well-deserved merry Christmas with lots of food, drink and gifts, spare a thought for the truck drivers who are under pressure to get you all those goods so you can enjoy your holidays. Truck drivers have had a particularly challenging year. Like everyone, worldwide, Covid-19 has thrown them many curved … Read More

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Supply chain pressure adds to Christmas stress

It may not matter if you were naughty or nice this year – though the opportunities to be naughty would have been limited – as Santa may not be able to fulfill your Christmas present wishes. Even those well-organised people who have already started Christmas shopping, might find they can’t source the presents they want … Read More

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When no, means no

There are shades of outgoing US President Donald Trump’s behaviour in those behind the Vote Yes lobby to legalise recreational cannabis in New Zealand. Neither seem to be able to accept the outcome of democratic elections. Sure, the cannabis referendum result was close, but the No vote won the majority of 50.7%. Most parties, including … Read More

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New Minister of Transport, new opportunities

If you follow politics, either at home or internationally, the last few weeks have proven somewhat of a bonanza. The New Zealand election result – and to a lesser degree the US one – will have a far-reaching impact on our road transport industry. The brewing international impact of COVID-19 could materialise via economic shocks, … Read More

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