NZ Intermodal Transport Safety Group

NZ Intermodal Transport Safety Group

To address industry operational issues associated with Sideloaders, it has been necessary to create a strong national identity, that being the NZ Intermodal Transport Safety Group. The NZ Intermodal Transport Safety Group mission is to establish and maintain best practice safety and compliance standards for all road transport operators loading, handling and delivering intermodal imported and exported freight.

The Group wants to offer the industry solutions, motivating operators to work safely through leadership, engagement, education and best practice information.

Intermodal safety matters. Everyone in New Zealand has the right to go home from work healthy and safe and to this end, the Road Transport industry is determined to provide leadership on workplace health and safety.

The industry, more specific, the sector representing Intermodal operators, has taken the initiative to address the disconcerting increase in Sideloader (Swinglift) incidents while wanting to provide operators with a balanced, uncomplicated and non-bureaucratic framework to manage compliance with the overarching legislation that governs health and safety practice in New Zealand.

By developing an Approved Code of Practice, we aim to produce a range of information to support the industry and other connected stakeholders. The code will promote excellence in health and safety and provide a safe work tool approved by industry, WorkSafe and the Minister.

The code of practice offers the best solution to the industry as it will provide guidance on the design, manufacture, supply, safe operation, training requirements, maintenance and inspection of side loaders and guides to help the industry comply with their health and safety duties under the act and regulations.

Group outcomes and progress to date:

  • Sought consultation, cooperation and engagement from the wider industry sector based on geographical location, experience and diversity of operation
  • Engaging with Worksafe at a technical programs and support level
  • Scoped the Code of Practice based the elements required by Worksafe with the aim to have it completed before the end of the year
  • Initiated engagement with MITO regarding the unit standard review process
  • Amending the existing NZQA Unit standard 17679 (operate a truck mounted sidelifter) to reflect current industry best practice
  • Engaging with all OEM on developing an agreed annual certification process
  • Identifying the generic critical risks (industry risk assessment underway) associated with operating sideloaders
  • Identifying ways to share data and information designed to continuously improve safety and reduce risk

The implementation and adoption of a Code Of Practice is an important step, it sends a strong message the industry is serious in terms of reducing incidents, injuries and near misses, wants suitably skilled and safe operators working consistently for the betterment of the whole industry.

Essentially, the group realised if they made recommendations to industry, officials and the public regarding sideloader safety, it could only be done from a unified national position consisting of a broad but well linked cross section of industry representatives across New Zealand. Without that, the legitimacy of the group and its recommendations would be undermined. Safety is good for business and will ensure everyone comes home from work healthy and safe.

The NZITSG meets quarterly at this stage and it’s our aim to keep the industry regularly updated when significant milestones are reached on how the Code of Practice is progressing.

The Group’s members represent each of the main port regions throughout New Zealand and are:

  • Murray Young – NZ Express Transport – Christchurch
  • Ian Pauling – CODA Group – Auckland
  • Calven Bonney – L.W. Bonney & Sons– Auckland
  • Mike Herrick – TDL Group – Auckland
  • Grant Darrah – Reliance Transport – Auckland
  • Clinton Burgess – CODA Group – Tauranga
  • Nigel Eden – Tomoana Warehousing – Napier
  • John Anderson – LG Andersons Transport– Wellington
  • Richard Smith – Hilton Haulage – Christchurch
  • Mark Purdue – H.W.R Group – Dunedin

The Road Transport Forum is providing secretariat services to the NZITSG.